Everything I Knew Photo Teaser: Chapter 27- Bricks and Mortar


Teaser: Chapter 27- Bricks and Mortar

The day ended on a positive note when I learned that another student, Jackson —the one that had tried to remove my flesh with his teeny teeth last year— had an incident free day and had even used the signs his EA had taught him to communicate that he needed a break. ‘I need a break’ loosely translated to: ‘I won’t slap you across the face if I can chill out for five minutes.’ It was a win–win situation.

I got home and toed off my ballet flats, unbuttoned my blouse, and walked toward my bedroom. Seconds into my solo striptease, my phone rang. I scurried down the hall to my bedroom and snagged the phone from its cradle.

“Hello,” I answered, finishing up with the tiny white buttons.

“How was your day?” Edward’s voice wrapped around me, smothering me with his warm honey tone.

I shrugged off the blouse and let it flutter to the floor. “Good. Shannon’s doing so well. I hope she sticks around when her contract is finished. She’s a smart little thing.”

“I’m sure Ang’ll be happy to know that her kids are so well taken care of.”

“I’m sure she will.” I riffled through my dresser and pulled out an old Guns N’ Roses t-shirt and held it up. “Where are you taking me, Edward?”

“I think you need to look up the word surprise in that damn dictionary that’s sitting on your desktop, lovely.”

I rolled my eyes and pulled the t-shirt over my head, feeling a little petulant. “Fine, have it your way, but once this goes on, it’s not coming off. If we’re meeting the queen of England…well I hope she digs G N’R. Just saying.”

I heard his snigger and again I rolled my eyes.

“That sounds like a challenge to me, Bella love.”

I shook my head and smiled lightly. “Perv.”

“Beg to differ. I just have an overwhelming appreciation for your body. Particularly when it’s nekkid,  or close to it.”

Perv or not the boy was cute as all hell, and he was mine. A wide, lazy grin spread across my face at the thought. Edward is mine. All hot, sexy, compassionate, slightly nerdy, and I nearly forgot…fuckhot in scrubs, and mine. A blissful sigh slipped passed my lips. “Have I mentioned that I love the way you love me, Perv?”

“Not today, but there’s still time. I’ll be there in forty minutes,” he declared and hung up

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