Chapter 28 Teaser


Everything I Knew


Chapter 28: Confessions of the Previously Undersexed


“So is the good doctor treating you right?” Alice inquired, placing her menu on the table top and shifting her eyes to Bella.

Bella looked down at her own menu, a light rosy hue stole across her cheeks. She cleared her throat and answered,”Absolutely.” I watched her bite on her upper lip to keep that hundred watt smile in check.

Alice snickered. “Details please. I’m a nosy bitch.” She clasped her hands on the table in front of her and prepared herself for a talking to.

Bella wasn’t normally one to kiss and tell; she was usually too busy fighting off a hard blush to say much at all. Occasionally, I’d get a little snippet here and there. But I could see it then, when she pushed her shoulders back and locked eyes with Alice. My dear friend had changed. Where self-depreciation had lived, I saw confidence now and though she blushed, she certainly didn’t stutter.

“What, no pervy visions?” She shook her brown hair out with her hand and smiled wide at Alice.

“Dreams, Bella. Get it right. And no, no pervy dreams, thank you very much. Now spill, Bella Bunny.”

With a deep wistful sigh she launched into a sexual diatribe. “It’s so goddamn good. I feel like an eighteen year old again. Except at eighteen it was never…like that. We can’t keep our hands off each other, and sweet sin, he’s so good!”

A tall skinny blonde interrupted, asking for our orders and then skipped off to the kitchen in her tight fitting plaid shorts, ponytail swishing as she went.

“I was sore the other day,” she admitted, a little half smile tugged at her mouth. “Like really and for truly, sore. Muscles all stretched and burning in the best way.” Her face started to take on a wonderful cardinal shade. It wasn’t embarrassment, no, no. My girl was turned on. Her eyes looked slightly out of focus, no doubt recalling something salacious. When her teeth pulled at her bottom lip, I thought I’d do the girl a favour and reminder her of the fact that she was in a public place. Going gooey wasn’t really an option.  I shoved her with my knee.

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