Everything I Knew ~ Chapter 29: Ring Around Seattle


Excerpt from Chapter 29; Ring Around Seattle


“Oh, this one is beautiful,” Rose cooed, staring longingly at a princess cut diamond. The ridiculously huge, diamond ring.

“Nope,” I said, shaking my head.

“You’re no fun.” She huffed before turning her eyes back to the glass case.

Wipe your mouth, Rosie girl. I don’t think they’d much appreciate your spittle all over the showcase.  

“Not finding anything you like here?” Edward asked, coiling his strong arms around me.

I raked my eyes over the mass of sharply cut diamonds and pulled my bottom lip between my teeth. “Um…”

“You might find something to her liking here.” A dark haired man behind the sales counter, Shawn, pushed a business card toward Edward and I. “I’ll eat my tie if she can’t help you find something,” he said, his eyes roaming our faces. I looked down at the card that was now in Edward’s hand.

Alana- Jewellery with a Genealogy all its own. Estate jewellery.

I grinned widely and nodded at Edward, slipping my hand into his. “I get the feeling this would be more her speed,” Shawn said, taking in my expression. “That address is about a thirty minute drive from here. If you like I’ll call ahead and let them know to expect you.”

I turned toward Edward and asked, “Would you mind?”

“We’re not leaving until later this evening. I think we have time.”

We piled into the car and the four of us made our way to Alana’s. The shop was bright, colourful, and sang of old world charm. A woman, looking to be in her late fifties approached us as we walked in.

“You must be the party Shawn called about.” She extended her hand to shake and it was soft and worn and gentle wrinkles had worked into the skin.

“Yes. I’m Bella, and this is Edward.”

“Alana, owner and jewellery slinger,” she announced.

Alana showed us a number of beautiful pieces, some old and gleaming with history, others newer and far too gaudy for my tastes.

“May I,” Alana asked, reaching for my hand. I nodded and turned my hand palm down; she took it and thoughtfully caressed my fingers. “So delicate. Mm, I think I have just the ring. Excuse me for a moment.” Alana flitted out of sight into the back room, only to return moments later with a small, pale peach velvet bag.

She loosened the drawstrings holding it closed and tipped the contents onto my waiting palm. “1920’ish, 18 karat white gold. This is a filigree solitary ring with an old mine cut diamond. The diamond is minimal, but the work on the band and setting is exquisite.”

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