Teaser: Chapter 33~On The Eve Of



“Baby?” Edward’s voice pulled me out of I don’t know where, but it was deep.

I pushed the palms of my hands into my face, rubbing my eyes. “Musta fallen asleep,” I mumbled into my hands.

Beside me, Edward chuckled. “You were moaning. Like, moaning.

Blindly, I smacked his chest. “And you woke me up? Gee thanks, my hero. Way to save me from my randy subconscious.” My words were a little more than cheeky and my face a little on the evil kitten side, but I was honestly a little peeved that he pulled me from that dream. I couldn’t remember it, but my body knew damn well what it was about.

Again, he laughed at me, placing a hand on my thigh. “Little horny?” he asked, turning his eyes from the road for a second.

“Eyes on the road, Cullen,” I barked, squeezing my thighs together. Okay, so maybe I was…a little.

“Even after that world class orgasm this morning? Wow, you’re insatiable.” His voice was absolutely teeming with come-hither.

I didn’t say a word, I just blushed a furious shade of red and looked out the window at the passing traffic.

“Wanna pull over?”

“No!” I shouted, looking at him as if he’d lost his sweet mind.

“Liar,” he whispered with a cocky smile on his face. “Bet you a bag of Jelly Belly Dips that’s exactly what you want. I bet the thought is running through your head like an out of control steam engine right about now.”

He wouldn’t be wrong. I could picture it with perfect clarity and brilliant colour. My legs over his shoulders and Edward forcing hot breath and loud moans from me; my head not so gently rocking into the car door.  The sound of the traffic whizzing past us on the busy interstate.

“Yeah, well maybe you started something this morning. Your fault,” I said in a pouty voice.

“Then maybe I need to finish it.” His voice had dropped low and kind of made me burn a little.

“You’re not pulling over on the fucking highway.” As sweet and sinful as that thought was, I was not prepared to explain to the state police why the Volvo was rocking on the side of the road at eleven in the morning.

“So no roadside action?”


“Well you’re just a fun killer,” he said, switching lanes to move around a very slow moving minivan.  “Never have I ever…”

“I knew that would come back to bite me in the ass,” I groaned.


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