Chapter 34 ~The Blue Dress~


Everything I Knew~Chapter 34 Teaser

~The Blue Dress~


Her brown eyes watched me, examined me, watching my reactions.  Her face was blushed over in a warm pink. I could only guess that she was fighting off the last of her hindrances. Letting them drop to the floor and pool around her feet, just like the blue dress that was skating down her long body.

She was stunning. Ivory skin, lit by nothing but the moonlight. I couldn’t see her freckles from here, but I knew they were there and that they peppered the shoulders that Edward kissed. I knew her skin was like cotton to touch. Soft, forgiving, and comforting.

He touched her like she was sacred, like some adored idol. He unhooked her bra and before letting that drop to floor too, he palmed her breasts and pulled her to his chest. Her eyes fluttered shut and she melted into him. When the bra fell to the floor, her stance changed. She held herself higher, prouder. And well she should be.

Notes: Yeah, that ‘s  my Molly. This sexy creature right  here is Tara-Lynn and she’s a model.  Anyway now that inductions are through, I just thought I’d remind you that this  has yet to be beta’ed  so any errors are fully and wholly my fault.


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