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Smells Like Metallic Roses 90’s Twi-Fic Contest



The 90’s, good music, questionable fashion, and some amazing movies that still ring true today. I was like totally there, with the big bangs and the neon clothes, and a crush on one Luke Perry. What? Everybody loves a bad boy. I went through puberty in the 90’s, lost my virginity in the 90’s and graduated high school in the 90’s. I was right there in it, so when the chance to write for this dope contest came up, I jumped on it.

Maybe you were the witty slacker, or the grunge junkie. Maybe the cheery pop queen, whatever you were use it, write about. Bring on your best 90’s inspired fic. Seriously, we need more stories! So bring it!

Here’s the hook up:

Now go write something bitchin’ please and thanks.