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Bella loved Mike, Mike lied. Every memory was wrapped in deception, every kiss was a front. The click of a mouse brought all to light. 10 years of lies changed Bella. Walls were built. With the truth in the open, rebuilding Bella becomes a slow, brick by brick journey.

Chapter 34 ~The Blue Dress~


Everything I Knew~Chapter 34 Teaser

~The Blue Dress~


Her brown eyes watched me, examined me, watching my reactions.  Her face was blushed over in a warm pink. I could only guess that she was fighting off the last of her hindrances. Letting them drop to the floor and pool around her feet, just like the blue dress that was skating down her long body.

She was stunning. Ivory skin, lit by nothing but the moonlight. I couldn’t see her freckles from here, but I knew they were there and that they peppered the shoulders that Edward kissed. I knew her skin was like cotton to touch. Soft, forgiving, and comforting.

He touched her like she was sacred, like some adored idol. He unhooked her bra and before letting that drop to floor too, he palmed her breasts and pulled her to his chest. Her eyes fluttered shut and she melted into him. When the bra fell to the floor, her stance changed. She held herself higher, prouder. And well she should be.

Notes: Yeah, that ‘s  my Molly. This sexy creature right  here is Tara-Lynn and she’s a model.  Anyway now that inductions are through, I just thought I’d remind you that this  has yet to be beta’ed  so any errors are fully and wholly my fault.



Teaser: Chapter 33~On The Eve Of



“Baby?” Edward’s voice pulled me out of I don’t know where, but it was deep.

I pushed the palms of my hands into my face, rubbing my eyes. “Musta fallen asleep,” I mumbled into my hands.

Beside me, Edward chuckled. “You were moaning. Like, moaning.

Blindly, I smacked his chest. “And you woke me up? Gee thanks, my hero. Way to save me from my randy subconscious.” My words were a little more than cheeky and my face a little on the evil kitten side, but I was honestly a little peeved that he pulled me from that dream. I couldn’t remember it, but my body knew damn well what it was about.

Again, he laughed at me, placing a hand on my thigh. “Little horny?” he asked, turning his eyes from the road for a second.

“Eyes on the road, Cullen,” I barked, squeezing my thighs together. Okay, so maybe I was…a little.

“Even after that world class orgasm this morning? Wow, you’re insatiable.” His voice was absolutely teeming with come-hither.

I didn’t say a word, I just blushed a furious shade of red and looked out the window at the passing traffic.

“Wanna pull over?”

“No!” I shouted, looking at him as if he’d lost his sweet mind.

“Liar,” he whispered with a cocky smile on his face. “Bet you a bag of Jelly Belly Dips that’s exactly what you want. I bet the thought is running through your head like an out of control steam engine right about now.”

He wouldn’t be wrong. I could picture it with perfect clarity and brilliant colour. My legs over his shoulders and Edward forcing hot breath and loud moans from me; my head not so gently rocking into the car door.  The sound of the traffic whizzing past us on the busy interstate.

“Yeah, well maybe you started something this morning. Your fault,” I said in a pouty voice.

“Then maybe I need to finish it.” His voice had dropped low and kind of made me burn a little.

“You’re not pulling over on the fucking highway.” As sweet and sinful as that thought was, I was not prepared to explain to the state police why the Volvo was rocking on the side of the road at eleven in the morning.

“So no roadside action?”


“Well you’re just a fun killer,” he said, switching lanes to move around a very slow moving minivan.  “Never have I ever…”

“I knew that would come back to bite me in the ass,” I groaned.


Teaser: Everything I Knew



Unbeta’ed and subject to me fucking with it numerous times before posting. 


We sat around for another twenty minutes and got reacquainted, and then moved to the kitchen for dinner. We talked careers, Edward’s new centre, Phil’s plans to retire next year, and mom’s herb garden. I was fairly certain my mother was growing more than mint and sage in that garden. Her witty and offbeat humour had Edward laughing all evening long, but that was no surprise, hippie or not, my mother was easy to love.

“So you’re marrying my daughter?” Renee said, her wine glass hovering around her lips.

“I am.” His answer was steady and strong.

“She talks in her sleep,” she offered.

“I know.”

“Bits her lips when she’s nervous, angry, horny.”

“Mom!” I hollered, not really shocked at all. The woman had zero filter.

“What? Go ahead and tell me it’s a lie.”

“She also bits it when she’s thinking really hard about something,” Edward said, grinning at me.

“Have you figured out how she’s got her books and movies set up?” Mom asked, looking to Edward with a sly little smile on her face.

Edward shook his head and put his fork down. “No. Seems utterly random.”

“I thought so too. But no. One of the first movies I took her too as a kid was The Goonies, first on the shelf. Last on the shelf is Dangerous Liaisons, made in the 80’s. But when had you first seen it, Bella Donna?”

“Three months ago,” I answered. It had been on late one night and I kind of fell in love with it and bought it a few days later.

“Her books are set up the same way. In the order she read them, not the author, year, or title,” my mom explained, looking at Edward. “And God help you, boy, if you fuck with that order.”

“So are we done talking about me?” I pushed away from the table and collected my plate and Phil’s.

“Not by a long shot, baby cakes!” Renee looked positively delighted at the prospect of outing my every eccentricity.

And so it went on. Mom filled Edward in on every embarrassing thing she could think of. She prattled on about how I’d fainted when I got my first period. She thought that was an acceptable topic because “He’s a doctor, Bella.”  She pulled out old memories of my wobbly toddler years, my quiet, not so rebellious teens, and even managed to unearth the long buried memory of my first kiss. Jordie Hamlin. I was seven, still in pig tails and he was cute with all his red hair and freckles. I ran up to him on the playground and smacked my eager little lips to his, only to have him throw up his ham and cheese lunch all over the front of my yellow and purple daisy dress. I’d forgotten all about Jordie.

Teaser ~ Chapter 30: When The Lights Go Out



We sat around in the basement, sprawled out on the couches and the floor. Comforters laying over laps, pillows heaped here and there and a pile food lay in the centre like some kind of fucked up offering. Emmett shoved another handful of chips in his mouth and continued on with his video game creation woes. “So the beta’s feedback comes back…” chips crunched and flew from his mouth as he spoke, “and it’s all ‘Why aren’t there unlimited spells, and how come this character doesn’t do that, or why is the screen in level six orange?”’ Fuck, dude. If you had unlimited ability to cast spells the game would be called Simple, not Fairy Quest…quest motherfucker. You know hunt, and gather, and look for shit, and solve problems. Christ! And hell if I know why level six is all orange, maybe your console sucks ass.” Emmett finished his rant with a huff.

“That pixie still giving you shit, sir?” Edward asked jokingly.

“Nah, chick flies right now. Actually she’s the coolest character in the game. Beta’s bitch that the male characters are weak, but they’re using the wrong ones. It’s the pretty little pixies that rock that game, man.”

“So when does that centre of yours open its doors officially?” I asked, snuggling up to my wife to be.

“Next month, October 20th is our grand opening.” Edward went on to explain what the two weeks prior to opening its doors to the public would look like. Lots of meetings, staff preparation, and private tours for share holders. The pride radiating from him was almost intoxicating. He spoke about the different departments and the team that has been assembled thus far, his smile was wide and seemingly tattooed to his face. “Did Bella tell you about the art work?”

Rose nodded. “It was a great idea. All of the schools across the board are participating in ‘Pics for Doc,’ this Wednesday. Selected art work is going to be displayed on the walls of the centre,” she said, sounding pleased.

“Aww, that’s so damn cute, and completely perfect,” Alice said with her voice all soft, she relaxed against me a little more. “Oh, we should play Never Have I Ever.”

“What the fuck’s with your throw back to seventh grade, Alice Brandon?” Rose squawked. “You want a P.J. party for your bachelorette, and now you wanna play Seven Minutes in Heaven. Making up for a shitty adolescents, Pixie Dust?”

“Never Have I Ever, babe. Get it right,” Em corrected her, snickering. “And why the hell not. What else is there to do at…” he looked down at his watch, squinting at the face, “like seven o’clock at night during a black out?”