So I’ve got two writing contests I need to tell you about (yeah, the whole 2 of you reading this blog). The first is the Public Lovin’ Contest. I’m hosting/judging this contest along with GossipLips1 and MandJsMommy. The idea is pretty straight (thou your characters down’t have to be) forward. We want your smut. Specifically we want your out in the open, just might get caught with your pants down smut.

Rules are simple, pick a location, any location. Toss is your favourite Twilight charters. Add smut. Clean and polish that naughty bit (beta’ed), and submit. Oh, and it’s not anon, but you MUST be 18 to enter. Ya, know ’cause  of the sexin’.

It’s open now and we’ll be excepting entries until November 25th. Winners will be announced December 8th. You want more details, hit a link.

The next contest I’ve got to tell you about is TwiNaturalA Twilight/Supernatural Crossover Contest. Yeah, crossover fiction, you know you love it! So this one is hosted by Maxipoo1024 and Samrosey, and I’m a judge, so make it good damn it! Your one shot must contain characters from BOTH fandoms. Hit up one of the links provided and check out the prompts. You pick two, one song, one image. Lemons aren’t required, but if you know me, then you know I’d appreciate them.

This is Anonymous contest, break the rules and we boot you!

Contest is now open and entries will be accepted until November 30th, 2012.

Check out the prompts and contest details by smackin’ one of the links.

Now go get your write on and make me happy. P.S. If you really wanna win points with me I’m partial to E&B stories and Dean and Bella pairings. Just sayin’.


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